Saturday, 20 January 2018

Planked wall

Hi everyone, i have installed the first sections of planked walling on the upper floor level.
I've been undecided whether to leave the timber as is or give it a coat of lime wash ... Please let me know your thoughts on this, leaving the timber natural will make the room quite dark once the roof is in place but from the buildings i have been in from this period they do all appear quite dark inside.
This brings me to another topic about how im going to light this place, ive decided that im not mounting any ceiling lights so wall mounted lights and a combination of either oil or candles will be the choice how ever looking at whats available in 1:24th scale here in the UK does not give me large amounts of enthusiasm so im guessing it will either involve making my own or modifying standard lights that are available to something i like and blends in with everything else,Panels and floor boards have been left loose to accommodate wiring for these with a wood shed at the rear of the property housing any switches ( yet to be built).

Have a great weekend everyone. Tony.